Preparation Strategy to Crack Google Associate Android Developer With Kotlin Certification

What is Google Associate Android Developer Certification and Perks


Certification Fee:-


No. of Attempts:-

  • If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you must wait 14 days before you take the exam again.
  • If you don’t pass on your second attempt, you must wait two months before you take the exam again.
  • If after three attempts you still have not passed the exam, you must wait one year before you take the exam again.

Important Note:-

Preparation Strategy and Topics to Focus on!

  1. UI — Constraint Layout
  2. RecyclerView, Pagination Library
  3. Notifications (In-App)
  4. Activity, Fragment Transactions
  5. MVVM Architecture
  6. Room DB, Sorting
  7. Alarm Manager and Work Manager
  8. Unit Test Cases and UI Test Cases (Espresso)
  9. No DI library like Dagger or Koin, No JetPack Compose
  10. Background thread — It should already be integrated (The time when I was giving exam there was no Coroutines or RxJava). Thread / ThreadPoolExecutors, AsyncTask — Can be anything which was already present. So Don’t worry

Exit Interview:-

  1. Most of the questions will be from the Project /Exam you just completed.
  2. Be Confident when giving the Exit Interview

A Few points you should be aware of:-

  1. Code gets deleted post submission
  2. Candidate can browse internet during this duration
  3. Do not delete the files which was already given in project

Tips During Exam:-

  1. To get more brownie points — use java docs , code and proper Naming Convention / formatting
  2. Create functions for most of the tasks and reuse wherever possible
  3. Try to complete all tasks given for exam, Best is to do 1–2 Extra to get Brownie Points (I Personally did)
  4. Test it twice, thrice — Crash shouldn’t be there in App. Please take good care of this
  5. Don’t miss Code Review. You code should be Self Explanatory
  6. First priority is to Complete all the tasks, Second is to Add 1–2 Extra tasks, 3rd should be to optimize your code as much as possible

Here are a few Resources which will help you.



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Puneet Grover

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